Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)

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What is CDAP?

The Canadian Government has allocated $4 billion for the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) to support small and medium-sized enterprises. This program primarily aims to:

  • Help businesses develop or enhance their online footprint, encompassing e-commerce features.
  • Facilitate businesses in transitioning to digital operations.

Source:  About Canada Digital Adoption Program

**The information on this page is dedicated to detailing the “Grow Your Business Online Grant” offered by the CDAP program. If you’re in search of the “Boost Your Business Technology Grant,” please click here. This grant provides SMEs with up to $15,000 to develop a Digital Adoption Plan, an opportunity for a 0% interest loan of up to $100,000 from the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) to bring the plan to life, and up to $7,300 to employ a skilled youth for technological implementation to enhance business growth.

Grow Your Business Online Grant
Get up to $2,400 to grow your business online

Are you keen on integrating e-commerce to stay ahead of the curve? Want to enhance your service to current clients and captivate new ones? With our micro-grant, covering costs related to digital technology adoption becomes more manageable.

The CDAP Grow Your Business Online grant helps SMEs:
  • get online
  • increase sales
  • adopt security software
  • connect with customers
  • improve social media marketing
  • improve user experience for online customers
Six Step Process to CDAP Micro-Grant

*Disclaimer: ISDE retains the sole discretion to approve or reject any application. For comprehensive details and guidelines, please refer to the official website: Hatchway Consulting assumes no responsibility or liability for unsuccessful applications.

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Thank you for your interest in the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)! It’s heartening to see proactive business owners, especially in the professional services sector, keen on harnessing the digital revolution.

The introduction of CDAP offers a fresh perspective for businesses to redefine operations, enhance productivity, and secure a competitive edge. We view this as an opportunity to guide dedicated businesses, like yours, through this pivotal transition.

Our goal is to ensure Canadian businesses flourish by leveraging digital technologies to their utmost potential.

If you’re curious about where you stand in this digital transformation journey, we offer a complimentary 45-minute consultation. Let’s explore the opportunities that await and design a roadmap for your digital future.

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